The impetus for supporting the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program stems from a Support the Troopspresentation made by Lt. Col. O’Reilly to AMC delegates. Upon return to Winona, Commissioners Kaehler and Ward and County Administrator Hebert explored the possibility of undertaking a program in the Winona area and to see who would want to participate in it. Two luncheon meetings were held to introduce the program to local community leaders. City of Mayor Jerry Miller attended and said the City of Winona would participate. Individual meetings were held with City of St. Charles Mayor Bill Spitzer and City Administrator Nick Koverman; and City of Goodview Mayor Jack Weimerskirch and City Administrator Dan Matejka where both communities expressed a desire to participate. A presentation was made to the Lewiston City Council and City of Lewiston Mayor David Sommer has agreed to participate. Additional contacts have been made with other communities in Winona County asking for them to participate. Follow up will continue with those communities.

Based on the initial contacts, a meeting was established for September 21, 2010. The first group consisted of about 20 individuals interested in starting the process for a local Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Committee. This small group began the process to identify community leaders, interested volunteers and anyone who was interested in helping establish a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program in the Winona area. The information available on the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon website was used to move forward with the goal of receiving a designation as a site in 2011. The Steering Committee for the Winona Region has grown to over 67 members who are interested and active individuals excited about getting this program operating in the Winona Region. The Steering Committee, the Steering Subcommittee and all the Action Plan areas have put significant work into preparing the plan being presented to the Director of Military Outreach and the State of Minnesota Advisory Board.

Partners of Beyond the Yellow Ribbon – Winona Region

  • Winona County
  • City of Goodview
  • City of Lewiston
  • City of Rollingstone
  • City of St. Charles
  • City of Utica
  • City of Winona